Kerverus Holding IT Plc. is a listed company in Stock Exchange Market of Cyprus (Non-Regulated Market) focusing on enhancing business performance in government and large corporate enterprises, in select industry verticals, the company offers high quality, innovative IT solutions while prioritizing a sustainable triple bottom line.

Kerverus Holding IT Plc. comprises businesses that are leaders in their respective niche markets, building on a solid client bases and achieving high levels of sustained organic growth. Our company focuses on acquiring and growing high growth, niche technology companies.

  • enterprise application solutions
  • legacy application modernization
  • network and data communications
  • server and storage technologies

After Business Intelligence software solutions, the above technologies are considered to be the current highest priority technology purchases of most Chief Information Officers.


Our vision is to be a prominent industrial player with growing influence in global markets. While focusing on our shareholders we are equally committed to ensuring attractive financial growth for our partnerships, competitive working conditions for the professional fulfillment of our employees, and to contribute to the development and well-being of our communities.


Our mission is to deliver quality, innovative, price sensitive products, services, and investment opportunities to ensure we are the prime choice for investors, partners and other stakeholders in our worldwide activities. We will achieve this through a commitment to excellence, a dedicated workforce and the adaptation of leading technologies.